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A. N. Prahlada Rao, based in Bangalore, composed/built about 35,000 crossword puzzles in the Kannada language, including 7,500 crossword puzzles, based on films shot in Kannada, with a total of 10,00,000 (ten lakhs or one million) of clues. [58] His name was recorded in LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS – 2015 for the creation of the highest crossword puzzles in Indian regional languages. His name continued in 2016 and 2017 in the LIMCA OF RECORDS. [60] A set of five strips of his puzzles was released in February 2008. His five crossword books were published in 2017. [61] Bengali is also known for its crossword puzzles. Crosswords are regularly published in almost every newspaper and magazine in Bengal. The grid system is similar to the British style and words with two letters are generally not allowed. The capitalization of response letters is conventionally ignored; Crosswords are usually filled out, and their response sheets are published almost universally, in all caps except in the rare cases of ambigrams.

This ensures that a proper name can be verified with an unconsleed letter in the sharp indication. Twenty years later, when we searched these crypts, we were pleased that they remained a smooth, if difficult, solution. American-style crossword puzzles, inextricably associated with daily newspapers, tend to turn yellow with age. Margaret Farrar, the Times` first crossword editor, told the magazine in 1959, “I prefer to use a lot of book titles, play titles, names in the news and so on.” The protein fabric of the culture keeps the fifteen grids alive, but it also makes the average mystery of the Farrar era, a solver in 2019, as foreign as a recipe by Betty Crocker in the mid-1960s. Cryptic, on the other hand, ages gracefully: its sphinx pun has a long lifespan. In the 1920s, the phenomenon of crossword puzzles began to be noticed. In October 1922, the newspapers published a Clare Briggs comic strip entitled “Movie of a Man Doing the Cross-Word Puzzle”, with an “87” enthusiast on “Northern Sea Bird`!!??!?!!? Hm-m-m starts with a `M`, the second letter is `U`… I`ll look for all the words with an M-U… Start…` mus-musi-wall-wall-murd – Hot dog! Here tis! Murre! [26] In 1923, a humorous squid in the Boston Globe had a wife who ordered her husband to run away and “save the newspapers…” The part I want is blowing in the street. “What are they so sharp about?” “Crosswords. Hurry, he`s a good boy. [27] In the first edition of the New Yorker, published in 1925, the “Jottings About Town” section wrote, “Judging by the number of solvers on subway and L trains, the crossword offers a fair way to become a fashion glow with New Yorkers.” [28] In 1925, the New York Public Library reported that “the most recent folly of meeting libraries is the crossword” and lamented that if “the puzzle ” fans” loves dictionaries and encyclopedias to distribute readers and students who need these books in their daily work, there may be doubt about the library`s duty to protect their legitimate readers?” [29] Francophone crossword puzzles are smaller than English speakers and not necessarily square: there are usually 8 to 13 lines and columns, for a total of 81-130 squares.