Aneks Do Learning Agreement

The apprenticeship agreement is filled out in the form generated from your online account and in the form of an appendix to the curriculum. The form is signed by the coordinator and dean, while the annex is also deputy director of the Institute of Educational Affairs. The annex defines precisely the entire curriculum after Erasmus`s return. If it turns out that it is not possible to enrol in selected classes at a foreign university for a variety of reasons, you must finalize the changes to the apprenticeship agreement and the new schedule as soon as possible. These documents also require the signature of the coordinators – at the host university (scan, that`s enough) and parents – the assistant director and the dean. The other procedures prior to departure are carried out by the Office for International Cooperation. It is worth befriending your website ( and staff, who always serve students with advice and advice. It is also interesting to participate in information sessions organized by the Office of Candidates before hiring and after the announcement of lists of qualified people. Changes to the Apprenticeship Agreement All changes to the apprenticeship agreement are approved by the Erasmus coordinator. They must be submitted as soon as the graduation studies have been set up abroad – by mail or email (scan of the agreement to amend the apprenticeship agreement approved by the host university). The initial amendment to the apprenticeship agreement must be presented to the Dean after the return of a scholarship. The next steps are to create an account on and generate an application form. After the coordinator signs, it must be notified to the Office of International Cooperation, and you can continue to agree on the apprenticeship agreement – that is, define the curriculum of your studies abroad.

It should be a compromise between what we want to learn, what a foreign university offers and what a national curriculum requires. It is good to find in a foreign university the equivalent of the subjects provided in the curriculum at the UWr. – the semester you are going to, or one of the following semesters. You should know from the Erasmus coordinator of your institute which subjects cannot be replaced by foreign subjects (for example. B they must become teachers). They must be transferred to another semester or passed in agreement with the external speaker.