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Like other truck simulators, this one is very much for truck fans. If you like the idea of driving a truck realistically, German Truck Simulator is for you. Driving on highways is unlike normal driving games, as you have to constantly keep an eye in your mirrors to avoid overtaking traffic. You`ll be overtaken a lot! Controls are effective, and detailed enough to keep aficionados happy, while being easy enough for beginners. Gelungener Trucksimulator, mit denen einige ihren Kindheitstraum zumindest virtuell erfüllen können. Alternativ bietet der Hersteller den auf Deutschland beschränkten German Truck Simulator zum Download an. A: American Truck Simulator requires a free Steam client. If you haven`t done it already, you will need to create a new Steam account. After registering, please open the Steam client, and click on Games -> Activate a Product on Steam… in the top left corner. After a new window opens, simply enter your product key to add the full version of the game to your Steam Library. A step by step guide for this process can be found here. A: Yes! Linux and Mac OS X versions of American Truck Simulator are available through the Steam platform.

Gegenüber der Vorgängerversion wurde hier viel verbessert. Hinzugekommen sind eine verbesserte Graphik und umfangreichere Tuning-Möglichkeiten. Die Soundeffekte könnten besser sein, da sie noch immer recht rudimentär sind, dem Spielespaß jedoch keinen Abbruch tun. Auch ist es ein wenig verwunderlich, dass es keine Fußgänger gibt sowie keine Schadensmodelle. Das bedeutet, dass der LKW auch nach einem Unfall noch komplett in Takt ist. Komisch ist es, dass es nach einem Unfall sofort weitergeht: Der Fahrer zahlt direkt von seinem Konto eine Strafe, aber sein Gefährt wird nicht zurückgesetzt oder muss nochmal von vorne anfangen. Das ist schade. Wer sich einmal einen Überblick verschaffen will, wie es sich mit dem Simulatoren fährt, der sieht sich am Besten dieses Tutorial an, welches sogar die ersten Schritte kurz und knapp erklärt: I ts a cool game so…. I liked to play it. I want to drive truck like Mercede,Scania Volvo.i got a whell so lets play euro truck simulator byeMore Q: I just bought the digital edition of American Truck Simulator online. When will I receive my product code to unlock the full version of the game? The models used for the trucks you drive in Euro Truck Simulator are based on real versions you can find on the road today. This causes the game to feel more realistic and immersive as you haul your cargo.

A: First of all, please update your video card drivers. If it still doesn`t help, open the Steam Library, find American Truck Simulator, press Launch and try running OpenGL and DirectX options in turn. You may also try the “Safe mode” option as the last resort, which will reset the graphics settings in-game to minimum. Then, if the game launches successfully, you can adjust the video settings manually through “Advanced settings” to what you believe is a safe setup. If none of these options work, the sad conclusion is that your computer is simply unable to support the game. Please, check that your PC meets the minimum system requirements and in case you pass, try sending us a bug report (see below). A: Please contact our support team if you are experiencing in game issues. Don`t forget to precisely describe your issue. Please also open open your DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulator folder and attach game.log.txt and game.crash.txt files to your message, as well as compressed “profile” folder if possible.