Un Agreement Letter

Reaffirming that the parties have taken the decision to continue the search for peace by listening to those who expressed reservations about the content of the final agreement initially signed, wishing to reach a new, broader agreement, that it was possible to improve and modify the previous agreement taking into account the concerns and proposals, clarifications and specific definitions expressed by the various social groups and organisations , sectors of opinion and political movements and parties; After careful consideration of all parties to the parties to the negotiations, many substantial changes and amendments have been made to the previous texts, transforming the previous peace agreement into a new final agreement aimed at ending the conflict and establishing a stable and lasting peace; The adoption of this partnership agreement by the United Nations is pushing the world to strive to make the WEF an effective substitute for multilateralism. In 2010, the WEF argued in the Global Redesign Initiative that the first step towards its vision of global governance was to “redefine the international system, as it constitutes a broader and multidimensional system of global cooperation, in which legal frameworks and intergovernmental institutions are integrated as nuclei, but not the only and sometimes not the most important component.” The aim was to weaken the role of states in global decision-making and strengthen the role of a new group of “stakeholders” and transform our multilateral system into a multi-party system in which companies are part of the governing mechanisms. This would bring together transnational groups, representatives of civil society, states and other non-state actors to make decisions at the global level by rejecting or ignoring critical concerns about conflicts of interest, accountability and democracy. In accordance with the final agreement signed on 24 November 2016 between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of the People`s Army of Colombia (FARC-EP) to end the conflict and establish a stable and lasting peace, I received an original signed of the final agreement signed by Colombia`s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Maria Emma Mejalez. , as well as a letter from the President of the Republic of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos Calderén. Instead, we call for the strengthening of the sovereignty of peoples, the deepening of democratic multilateralism and the fight against the further expansion of multitaism. Over the past 75 years, civil society organizations and social movements of general interest have played a crucial role in maintaining human rights and environmental agreements and in developing intergovernmental positions on a large number of global crises.