Us Uae Open Skies Agreement

When you read the press release of the U.S. Partnership for Open-Fair Skies on the joint government statement of the United States and the United Arab Emirates on their open ski agreement, I remember the phrase “lipstick on a pig.” Unless it`s more about shine than lipstick. The group thanked President Trump for securing the agreement and said it would protect American workers. She wanted the Obama administration to negotiate formally with the United Arab Emirates, but the previous administration did not make any major progress. U.S. airlines have not been able to achieve a total “freeze” on the five freedom flights, in the sense that there is no binding agreement between the Gulf airlines and they will not add these routes in the future. The United Arab Emirates does not promise to ever add these routes, it merely indicates that none of them are planned. Nevertheless, it is said that the agreement is based on the tacit understanding that more of these routes will not be added. An aviation industry source confirmed the deal to Skift and said it was to be officially announced on Monday. In addition to opening their books, the two Gulf airlines will also pay the “full and fair” operating costs from their airports at hubs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the source said. In addition, said the source, U.S. airlines understand that Gulf airlines do not add more non-stop flights between the United States and Europe, although the agreement does not prohibit them, according to a statement from the United Arab Emirates Embassy.

In a confidential letter to the agreement, it is stated that no plans to develop the five-freedom lines are currently planned; However, it does not prohibit the two airlines of the United Arab Emirates from carrying out more flights of the Fifth Freedom. U.S. airlines seeking to protect the lucrative transatlantic market are angered by Emirates` flights to the United States from Dubai via Milan Malpensa and Athens. FedEx is the largest service operator that uses the rights of Fifth Freedom and has a regional platform in Dubai, according to information from the United Arab Emirates. But the most important point of all is not the scrap on the interpretations of the Fifth Freedom. American, Delta and United went into this long campaign determined to cut off the wings of golf bearers by showing that they had violated the fair and equal chance to compete with the principle of open skies. If U.S. carriers had demonstrated this beyond their own employees and workers` groups, the two open-ski agreements could have been broken. Most significant is that U.S. airlines have never responded to their beliefs by filing a complaint with the International Air Transportation Fair Competitive Practices Act. Meanwhile, their share in the transatlantic market in immune alliances (American with British Airways, Delta United with Lufthansa and the future expanded Delta-Air France-KLM-Virgin Atlantic joint venture) has increased so much that they dominate the market and dictate their fares. Scott Reed, campaign director of the Partnership for Open and Fair Skies, a coalition of American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines and labor groups engaged in revising the open-air agreement with the two Middle Eastern countries, said the UAE agreement boils down to “a victory for American jobs and shows that President Trump is opposed to countries that violate our trade agreements.” The group`s campaign manager, Scott Reed, said in a statement that the deal was “an asset to American jobs.” He also said emirates and Etihad Airways would “freeze the inclusion of additional direct flights from the United States to Europe and Asia,” which would put the group in conflict with the UAE statement.