Four Agreements Reddit

Using the four chords to master your life`s dreams is a magical journey. These are simple, but powerful. What Don Miguel Ruiz calls your authentic self to find wisdom is well-being and mastery. Love your presentation of this. That`s all for this book! Don Miguel`s words are so simple, but so powerful. I hope you have learned a lot about the origin of your old beliefs and rules and how to adopt new agreements to live better in the future. This path begins with the four agreements. These are new ways of life that you can voluntarily follow. These agreements are: in the bestseller The Four Agreements, Don Miguel Ruiz gives four principles as a guide to develop personal freedom and love, happiness and peace. That`s how everyone puts on a mask and starts living in a dream. We believe in all these things and we live by all these rules that we have never stopped thinking about. Don Miguel calls all these beliefs and rules “agreements,” because we for these beliefs and rules were part of our AGREE dream.

(But of course, the kids always agree, so it`s not your fault.) At first glance of the four chords, I thought, “It`s not that obvious” and it seemed pretty simple. When I read the book, I realized that simplicity was misleading. Ruiz`s principles are rooted in Toltec`s traditional wisdom and, in their simplicity, these powerful arrangements are difficult and revolve around the idea that the way we think and act is based on agreements we make with ourselves. These agreements are supposed to be our personal belief systems that developed in childhood. Ruiz presents how to let go of these beliefs and links as a path to a happy, healthy and sensible life. It is not realistic to expect that we will be able to change our thinking from day one and that we can follow all agreements perfectly, or even that we should. However, we can choose the agreements that happen to each of us personally and try to do our best to follow them. In doing so, we can relax knowing that we are doing everything in our power to develop personal freedom and happiness day after day. The ancient Toltecs called themselves dream masters because they understood that we all live more in a dream than in an “objective reality”. And the good news is that we all have the power to change our dream. We must first become aware of our domestication and then adopt new agreements.

In any case, real change cannot come from the outside. The best thing you can do is to be a good example to the people around you. For example, if you want your partner to eat healthier, don`t criticize him if he eats poorly. Instead, you can cook a healthy dinner so they can discover first hand that healthy food can taste delicious. Of course, we`re starting to become more like the people we spend the most time, anyway. Two thousand years ago, Buddha said that clinging to anger was like clinging to a hot coal in his hand. In the end, you will be burned. These are great.

I see why you have read it several times. Maybe I need to look at this book in a very exhilarating way. Thank you for sharing and some very nice posters! With the four chords by life and personal freedom. P.s He has a misspelling. It should be an opinion rather than an option: Agreement II, Article III Most of us have grown up and spoken a language that encourages us to mark, compare, demand and make judgments instead of being aware of how we feel and what we need. 1 Be impeccable with your word (justice/honesty) 2 Do not take anything personally (moderation/serenity) 3 Do not speculate (wisdom) 4 Always Do your best (courage) Your best will change from one moment to the next; it will be different if you are tired, unlike well rested.