Hpe Software License Agreement

Micro Focus software products are subject to the agreements listed below (unless they are subject to a separate licensing agreement between you and Micro Focus and/or their subsidiaries). WASHINGTON – The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has negotiated a new government enterprise software agreement for IT management solutions with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software (HPE). The new agreement will help the authorities not only improve the current recommendations and requirements of the Data Center Consolidation, Software Asset Management, Application Portfolio Management and Agile/Iterative Software Development), but will also support GSA`s strategic initiative to expand licensing agreements with major software vendors – improving Carahsoft`s HPA IT Schedule 70 contract by HPE and reducing duplication in enterprise software agreements, improving prices and improving government purchasing power. Software License Management: a collection of HPE products that help an agency manage its business licenses using asset management tools and best practices. This new software offering is available to all federal, regional, local and tribal authorities who can order through the GSA IT Schedule 70 program. You can access it here on the acquisition gateway. All hpE software is provided in accordance with licensing restrictions. HPE`s end-user license agreement (“EULA”) regulates the use of HPE software, unless it is subject to a separate agreement between you and Hewlett Packard Enterprise and their subsidiaries. In addition to the CLUE or such agreement, the software is subject to the following information about software licenses, including additional licensing permissions (ALC) and open source and third-party licensing conditions. In the Micro Focus license documents, you will find documents relating to software products previously offered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise and now offered by Micro Focus. Focus Software as a Service (“SaaS”) micro solutions are subject to the following customer requirements for SaaS, as well as the associated service descriptions for SaaS.

Software Incremental Development: a collection of HPE products that help agencies develop and develop software applications using modern agile and iterative development processes. “This new offering is a creative address to a large number of major Federal IT mandates and supports the key principles of software category management,” said Mary Davie, Assistant Commissioner for the Federal Acquisition Service of GSA, Office of Information Technology Category (ITC). “It will help agencies achieve the savings that can be achieved through the correct management of an agency`s software succession, from software development to consolidation to management. We are delighted that Carahsoft and HPE have agreed to support these efforts. Unless otherwise stated above or below, Micro Focus software products are subject to micro Focus`s end-user license agreement, as well as associated additional licensing permissions, including the non-production license manual. The following Micro Focus software products are subject to Micro Focus`s end-user license agreement, which is linked to such a software product. Contact your sales agent for the corresponding Micro Focus end-user license agreement for previous versions. . Data Center Automation: a collection of HPE products that support the consolidation and automation of data center management. . . .

HPE standard end-user license, PDF 368 KB . HPE Workload Aware Security for Linux ALA, PDF 371 KB . HPE CMS Universal Internet of Things ALA, PDF 178 KB HPE Synergy Composer I v5.40 Composer II v5.40 Image Streamer v5.20.01, PDF 4.0 MB .