Konami Ots Agreement

That`s all it takes! So send us an email to us-opsupport@konami.com because it`s time to fight a duel! Those who tell you that they are free are wrong. A box with 50 boxes is 53.99 euros and can be sold only to ots from their dealer and I went to another store and the prices are much better 2-4 rounds Swiss sometimes top 1. Place 5 boxes ots, 2. Three,000 packs and three. 2. They don`t calculate stores for recent OTS packs. You get a lot of OTS packs based on participation in the tournament. Whereas you had to buy them before, you didn`t have to give tournament results and instead bought how much you needed. I`ve heard from collect-it.de (they`re big enough to sell at YCSs) that they can`t sell packs or cards from the last 4 OTS series at any time. This is also why they do not buy the ultimate few of these packages, because they can only sell them much later. Yes, they do.

The owner of a store also told me that they were very expensive. Depending on the memory. A friend works in a store that is most consistent for reporting in his condition, and they are calculated for OTS packages. They are expensive executable, and you have to buy in bulk The Winged Dragon of Ra – Sphere Mode [Duel Power ] The Konami OTS – Official Tournament Store Program illustrates a card game organized at best! Konami has spent countless hours working putting Yugioh under the same roof since he took over the Upper Bridge property in 2008. One of the best card games in the world, Yugioh offers players from almost every country you can imagine, and you can bet there are players near you! Organized Play is the basis of card trading games and your store is very important to continue to develop our already robust market. If you own a leisure business or have a lot of foot traffic, official events can literally attract new customers to your front doors. If you`re looking for a new business concept or a new affiliate model, that`s what you`re looking for. Players are always looking for comfortable and enjoyable environments to perform their duels, and due to the diversity of TCG in America, you can be sure that they will look for new and old cards to complete or build their decks. From the latest OTS kits, OTS packs are distributed freely to stores in good condition and with active tournament reports. I ask this, as I go to a local store ots and my God sucks prices. They prefer, shop-credit then the packages of the first place price are 4 to 14 dollars depending on people talk about 3-4 Swiss rounds and sometimes top-cut. If you have a purchase credit, you can buy ots packs for $5 per piece.

What does it take to become an OTS? To become a ONE OTS, a retailer must have a physical retail site with permanent outdoor signage. You must declare at least one tournament per month. The playing area must be able to accommodate at least 16 players. You need a great selection of Yu-Gi-Oh! Produced to meet the needs of their customers. Finally, applications must complete and submit a questionnaire to the Konami support team, as well as in-store photos. If you encourage your actual contingent of players, your first OTS shipment via OTS is free – but if you want to buy additional OTS packages after Konami provides you with your pinch for your projected numbers, it costs a significant amount. As I said, do Konami ots stores charge for packaging or do they make it available for free? In the meantime, you are probably familiar with the concept of “organized play” in the store, where a retail store offers a safe and comfortable environment in which players can compete. Keep in mind that if your business becomes a destination for players to play in sanctioned events, your quintessence will see an increase, along with additional foot traffic.