Landlord And Tenant Agreement In Nigeria

In addition, the tenant must respect the rules and pre-established clauses. Who`s a tenant? In accordance with Section 47 of lagos State Tenancy Law 2011, the rent may be payable weekly, monthly or annually. Payment can be made in advance. It also includes the deposit, which serves as a sum of protection for an owner. A valid “notification” must contain the name of the landlord, the name of the tenant, the address of the property occupied by the tenant and the length of time indicated to the tenant. It is also necessary to determine the exact conditions to leave the place. You want to clarify the dates, when you can leave and what you can take with you. In addition, you need to think about how an owner should inform you of the exit from the place and how soon he should give you to leave the place. Consider these issues. If your lease contains provisions that prepay the landlord for any liability for negligence or negligence, please note that such an agreement will probably not be respected by the courts, but you should still try to remove it from your lease. The cost of a problem with a lease to go to court is quite laborious and expensive.

A right to the “rent renewal clause” should be included in the tenancy agreement before both parties put the pen on paper. Once the tenant agrees and the terms are agreed – the time to apply for the extension of the tenancy and the type of application, the landlord is not responsible for extending a tenant`s rent. This is a good way for homeowners to reject a maverick. For example, the use of a residentially leased property or a situation in which a tenant does not pay three (3) months` rent in a row. In any event, the lessor still has a legal obligation to set out a seven-day process to restore premises. Some landlords have their tenants sign leases that periodically provide for automatic rent increases. Well, while there is nothing illegal about increasing the rent, there are provisions of the Lagos Rent Act 2011 that regulate the amount of the rent increase For a tenant to be evicted, it must be terminated by the landlord, the dismissal is a time limit that must be given before an eviction action can be initiated against a tenant. What is a lease in Nigeria and how does it work? In this article, you will discover all the key features of how you can write this document and who are the parties that are expected to act in accordance with this Agreement.