Oracle Gdpr Data Processing Agreement

The data processing policies and practices of two of the world`s largest software companies, Salesforce and Oracle, will be reviewed in the High Court of England and Wales in the largest digital data protection appeal ever introduced. 9.1 Access; Corrective Restricted treatment Portability. Over the lifetime, Google will allow the partner to access, correct and limit the processing of partner data, including through the deletion feature provided by Google in accordance with Section 6.1 (Delete by Partner) and export partner data, in accordance with the Services` functionality. These are the bespoke ads that many people seem to think they are “following” around the Internet, and the data used to generate them can include interests, location, income, relationship status, sex or sexual orientation, health status, age, education level and political or religious tendencies. 5.1.3 Skills under non-European law. If the processing of the personal data of partners by one of the parties is subject to a non-European data protection law, the party concerned will comply with all obligations that apply under this law regarding the treatment of this personal data by the partner. b) Policies for closed drives and data carriers. On data carriers containing data, there may be performance problems, errors or hardware errors that cause them to be decommissioned. Each disused hard drive undergoes a series of data destruction processes (the “data box” before leaving Google`s premises for reuse or destruction. Unreased discs are removed in several steps and fully verified by at least two independent validators. Deletion results are recorded from the serial number of the disused hard drive for tracking. Finally, the deleted disused hard drive is released into the inventory for reuse and re-operation. If the disused hard drive cannot be removed due to a hardware error, it is stored securely until it can be destroyed.

Each installation is regularly monitored to monitor compliance with the hard drive calculation policy. 9.2.1 Partner responsibility in the event of a request. If Google`s cloud data protection team receives a request from a relevant person regarding their partner`s personal data over the lifetime and identifies the customer`s request, Google advises the person in DieM to send their request to their partner. The partner is responsible for responding to such a request, including, if necessary, the use of the functionality of the services. (a) data storage, isolation and logging. Google stores data in a multi-agent environment on its own servers. Subject to instructions from the opposite partner (for example. B in the form of a selection of data sites), Google replicates partner data between several data centers geographically distributed. Google also logically isolates the partner`s data. The partner will have control over certain data sharing guidelines. These policies can set call settings for partner end-users for specific purposes, in accordance with the functionality of the services.