Sfc University Outcome Agreement Guidance

The CFS provides guidance on specific national performance criteria. How to Enshrine Equality in Results Agreements: College Toolkit 2017-20 Since then, results agreements are seen by the Scottish Government as an increasingly powerful (and damning for universities) tool to show what universities are doing in exchange for public investment (in decline). It is interesting to note that beyond the baseline, the Uk regulator is explicitly a regulator of “results” and not outputs. In Scotland, the “quality” of outputs and their improvement are still formally regulated. But to obtain funding, the “results” desired by the government in these agreements are separated by the funding board and negotiated directly. The idea is that outcome agreements help individual suppliers demonstrate their “respect” for the Scottish Government`s priorities, “improve” the sector`s contribution to these priorities and act as a means of financing the sector that supports the various missions of “different and autonomous” institutions. In addition, there are a number of Scottish Funding Council Continuing Priorities. The agreement, for example, must have a articulation objective, because the promotion board has committed to increasing to 75% by 2030 the proportion of people with an HNC or HND who have a total credit for their pre-qualifications – currently it is 51.4%. The SFC is also working with the Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission to help Scottish universities and colleges improve their performance in accordance with the public sector`s equal opportunity obligation – publish a report on equal opportunities and equality outcomes within their DO, and ensure that the ambitions for improving their OA document are clearly expressed and show how they intend to use places and places financial resources allocated to them by the CFS. to promote equality. The CFS requires higher education institutions to demonstrate their compliance with equality obligations in their 2017 agreements – 20 results through: all higher education institutions, universities and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) have a legal duty to incorporate equality into all their public sector work under the Equality Act 2010. Implementation of the results published by the institutions on gender equality by April 2017 is also needed.