University Of Redlands Articulation Agreement

In order to support transfer students, Redlands University has joint agreements with many California community colleges. These agreements list acceptable courses that are both transferred and meet certain requirements of the Liberal Arts Foundation. KGI management is also in the midst of agreements with several other schools and the goal is to extend contracts to other curricula within the Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences and the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Representatives from several four-year-old universities are available to meet students at the transfer centre. Students have the opportunity to learn about academic needs and general information at the university. Below are links to various universities that set out the course requirements for Chaffey students. Please note that the transfer contract with SBVC`s Los Angeles Film School NUR ONE-WAY is valid. Click On Accreditation Agencies for more information.

CLAREMONT, CA – The Keck Graduate Institute (KGI) has expanded its list of articulation agreements to 26 institutions and is so interested in interested students that they are creating a seamless transition in master`s programs at the Henry E. Riggs School of Applied Life Sciences and the School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. If you have any questions about articulation agreements and application, please contact the admissions service at l` or 909.607.7855. Would you like to take a general education course (LAF) at a Community College, perhaps during the summer? You are not required to submit a course authorization form for a course on these agreements, which will be transferred to the LAF category under which it is listed. It is transferred and completes the LAF, provided that San Bernardino Valley College has articulation agreements with many independent universities in California and out of state. Articulation agreements define courses that are delivered in one institution and meet the requirements of another institution in terms of general preparation, general education and transfer. If we do not have an articulation agreement with your college, you can use one of these agreements as a general rule for your course selection. Under the articulation agreements, qualified students benefit from a waiver for registration fees and the requirement for standardized results is also removed. Qualified students will also benefit from a priority review of their application and other scholarship opportunities.

By following the courses listed in the articulation agreements between SBVC and the university of choice for transfer, students can eliminate course proficiency, reduce the cost of teaching for higher education credits and obtain further training. After the courses on the list for your main subject at an independent/private university of your choice, students can graduate from that university without the need to repeat lower level courses in the main class. “If such a prestigious school is included in our list of articulation agreements, more local students will be able to study health and life sciences.” Find out what to do at Chaffey College before you go to the university you want. ASSIST is the final filing of agreements between Chaffey and CSU/UC schools.