Charity Work

Virginie’s Charity Work

For the past nine years, Virginie Brouard, owner of Le Di-Vin Wine Bar and La P’tite Folie restaurant has been sponsoring a feeding program in Northern Ethiopia.

Virginie travels several times a year to visit the children, in partnership with “The Daughters of Charity”. She is also involved in various educational programs that help street children and women’s health.

Two years ago, Virginie invited Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, The Founder of the well renowned Scottish Charity “Mary’s Meals” to come and visit Ethiopia. And it was the start of a great cooperation! They started with 3 schools in 2018 and thanks to everyone’s incredible work and effort, they are now feeding 24 schools. A total of 16,000 children are now receiving a daily meal when attending school. This is such an achievement. But more needs to be done.


If you want to know more or make a donation, please email Virginie at

Virginie is passionate about her special time in Ethiopia and is always pleased to share them.