Soup of the Day

12 till 5 only

Served with fresh bread and butter           £3.95



All Day

Marinated Provençale olives           £4.00

Home-made Tapenade         £4.50

Bread with “villa Arvedi virgin oil and

Modena balsamic vinegar”   £4.00

Oven baked Camembert       £7.95

Dozen grilled French snails

in garlic butter           £9.95

Extra bread basket   £2.00

French fries   £3.00


Raclette Evening

Evening only

Book your raclette evening

48 hours in advance.

Minimum of 4 guests.           £20.00 per person


Les Tartines

12 till 3 only

            small   large

Smoked Salmon and soft cheese     £5.00   £9.50


Grilled goat cheese, red peppers

and jambon de bayonne      £5.00   £9.50



Les Classiques

12 till 3 only


Croque Monsieur      £7.95

Warm Chicken salad £8.95

Smoked Duck, Pear, and

Blue Cheese Salad     £8.95

Home-made Quiche  £7.95

Minute Steak

with French fries and Salad £12.95


Coté Poisson

All Day

Fish platter

(salmon, trout, smoked mackerel)              £14.50

Grilled prawns in garlic, parsley

and lemon butter                  £8.50

Smoked salmon platter                    £9.95


Les Planchettes

All Day



tapas   medium          large

£7.95   £16.00            £29.00

The selection may vary:

Chaource, brie de meaux, tome de savoie,

St Agur, goats, reblochon…



tapas   medium          large

£7.95   £16.00            £29.00

Selection of saucisson, salami, parma ham, terrine…


Mixed Charcuterie

and Cheese

medium          large

£16.00            £29.00

We suggest a medium planchette

for 2 people and a large for 4,

but don’t let us hold you back!



Les Desserts

All Day

Crème Brûlée            £5.95

Sticky toffee pudding with

vanilla ice cream       £5.95